Loma Los Pinos Foundation

Loma los Pinos Foundation with the ID number RNC. 4-30-10392-6 is a nonprofit institution founded on March 10 2008. The provisions of the Law 122-05 Dominican Republic that regulates and promotes Nonprofit Associations.

The motivation to create the foundation was the need to protect the resources of La Loma Los Pinos located approximately 40 km from the city of Santo Domingo in the area of Villa Altagracia Jirbana birthing Streams and Sosua among others that are the main source to the aqueducts of Medina, the Blade, Loma Verde, Dairy and soon to Brown.

  • The mission of the foundation is to develop actions to ensure a balance between conservation and use of natural resources of La Loma Los Pinos and improving the quality of life in the communities that are directly or indirectly connected with the area. 

    The methodology is implemented participatory Foundation where communities are part of decision making in conjunction with Directive.

  • The main ideologues were Mr. Peduzzi and Giacomo Daniele Galimberti Swiss national who took the decision to found the Foundation Pines after a participatory experience in the construction of a primary school with three classrooms in one of the communities within the area impact of Loma Los Pinos. 

    You can read this project on the website: www.scuolavillaltagracia.ch

  • Besides Daniele Eying Peduzzi is the Foundation Council and Giacomo Vice Galimberti is found Florencio de la Cruz as Secretary Treasurer Erly Dominga R. Rivera Vocal and Jose Almonte as Brunner, Nicolas Gomera Contreras, Alejandro Merino.