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Two children of Haitian nationality, who thanks to the work of their father in the Dominican Republic, and with the help of our Foundation, they have the opportunity to study in their country in a highly recognized international school, giving them the opportunity to stay in their country and not have to emigrate like his father. As you can see the cost of registration is very high but his father only earns a salary of approximately $ 300 per month.

Loma los Pinos foundation joined forces this year with neurologist Dr. Pedro Roa, MD, who is constantly working in the Dominican Republic with a rare disease called PKAN (Panthotenate Kinase Associated Neurodegeneration).

Widelfry Lendof with 5 years old has diagnosed bilateral femoral and internal tibial torsion.

He will be operated in the "Asociación Dominicana de Rehabilitación (ADR)".

Los Pinos Foundation, and the FUJAVIC have joined forces once again for the restoration project of the Social Club of the Area in Navarrete. This is a property that is currently in a really poor condition which they would restore to have it available for the benefit of the community.

Details of the cause

The girl called Ashly soufers an illness called Nephrotic syndrome.

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For obtain more information, or help us financially, please write us to:
Associazione Scuola Villa Altagracia Rep.Dominicana
Giacomo Galimberti
CP 106
CH-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
Tel.No. 0041 79 337 46 88/ Fax 0041 91 820 30 59
Cc.Bancario c/o Credit Suisse, ch-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
113AN N°: CH75 0483 5087 1923 5100 0

Account in Dominican Republic BHD #12206180016

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