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The girl called Ashly soufers an illness called Nephrotic syndrome.


What is it?

By Wikipedia

Nephrotic syndrome is a nonspecific kidney disorder characterised by a number of diseases: proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and edema.[1] It is characterized by an increase in permeability of the capillary walls of the glomerulus leading to the presence of high levels of protein passing from the blood into the urine (proteinuria at least 3.5 grams per day per 1.73m2 body surface area)[2]); low levels of protein in the blood (hypoproteinemia or hypoalbuminemia), ascites and in some cases, edema; high cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia or hyperlipemia) and a predisposition for coagulation.

Patient´s Details

Name of pacient: Ashly Guzmán Guerrero 

Locality: Navarrete

Age: 9 años

Tutors: Socorro Guerrero Jimenez and Ninio Manuel Guerrero   

More information about the illness

The cause is damage to the glomeruli, which can be the cause of the syndrome or caused by it, that alters their capacity to filter the substances transported in the blood. The severity of the damage caused to the kidneys can vary and can lead to complications in other organs and systems. However, patients suffering from the syndrome have a good prognosis under suitable treatment.

Kidneys affected by nephrotic syndrome have small pores in the podocytes, large enough to permit proteinuria (and subsequently hypoalbuminemia,<25g/L, because some of the protein albumin has gone from the blood to the urine) but not large enough to allow cells through (hence no haematuria). By contrast, in nephritic syndrome red blood cells pass through the pores, causing haematuria.

Results of analysis

On Thursday, September 5, 2013 Ashley suffering from nephrotic syndrome been consulted in Kidney Transplant Institute in Santo Domingo. After consultation they took a urine sample sent for analysis at the Institute Nephropath in Arkansas (USA). You can view the test result below:

He continues to special treatment and continues to visit regularly to Kidney Transplant Institute in Santo Domingo.

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