The Los Pinos Foundation reports that on Saturday, October 13, 2018, the boy Yonangel Colon Garcia died, after a hard battle against his illness, God arranged his departure.


Our most sincere condolences to your parents and family, as well as to all those people who in one way or another collaborated during your illness.


Rest in peace.


Yonangel was born without the anus (colostomy), he had recently undergone surgery, which was a success, but in the process of recovery he acquired an infection.

This case was about a 14 year old boy suffering from a severe form of leukemia to the spinal cord and urgently needed a bone marrow transplant.

Despite the efforts that we made at the Children's Hospital of Santo Domingo and in spite of that we have also solicited the intervention of Prof. Franco Cavalli, who has very kindly making ​​available to a few specialized hospitals in the United States, unfortunately, there was nothing more to do and the boy died.

Probably the boy could be saved if there have been a earlier intervention.