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A child less than 2 years old weighing less than 20 pounds was born on a hill in the Central Mountain Range where the work possibilities for his parents who have 13 children are almost nil.We took Eduardo to a clinic in Santo Domingo where a pediatrician specialist in nutrition, after less than three months with a balanced diet and recovered all the weight lost.

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For obtain more information, or help us financially, please write us to:
Associazione Scuola Villa Altagracia Rep.Dominicana
Giacomo Galimberti
CP 106
CH-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
Tel.No. 0041 79 337 46 88/ Fax 0041 91 820 30 59
Cc.Bancario c/o Credit Suisse, ch-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
113AN N°: CH75 0483 5087 1923 5100 0

Account in Dominican Republic BHD #12206180016

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