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Today after many bad news in the last 2 years we can inform you that thanks to your unconditional help to our Lomas Los Pinos Foundation two people were able to fulfill their dreams.

In the 2018 school year our foundation has donated uniforms and school supplies to the students of the Paradero and Loma de Aguacate schools, located in the central area between the province of Santiago and Puerto Plata, here we leave the images and video of thank you.

In the last few months of the year, the Dominican Republic was hit by an astonishing amount of rain storms, causing million-dollar losses and a great amount of victims. Saddened by the situation, we joined forces with some Dominican families and delivered water, food and clothes to a community in Nagua, via the Holy Trinity Parish represented by father Fernandez. 

This is now a beautiful tradition. As we have been doing for several years, we collaborated with a group of Dominican doctors, like Dr. Jeffrey Manzano, MD (who is training as a pediatrician in the United States, and with whom we expect to keep collaborating after he completes his specialty training).

Los Pinos Foundation decided to jointly carry out the construction of the house called "The Old Men" which is already finished.