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The foundation  have a commitment with the dominican community. Each cause we support, we follow until succeed with all our effort until we commit the solution

Our normal interventions

As an activity that we can define normal for our foundation, we must remember that at the beginning of each school year we try to provide uniforms (whic is mandatory) shoes and school supplies at least to the poorest of the students who attend our school.

Every year in January, is also organised a medical day. This is a medical tour for the children to control especially teeth, testing of blood and possibly parasites. This year we are in fact a lot of issues from anemia and parasites. The volunteers medical staff that performs free day is made ​​up of a dozen of medical students and three or four general practitioners and they also provide free medicines.

¿What kind of causes we support?

The foundation, to obtain better result, have some principles and requirements at the moment of decide the causes to support. Those are:

  1. In clinical causes, it should be documented (it will be evaluated).
  2. In general causes, it should be bases

¿Do you know any case we could support?

Yes i do!!

¿How could i support the foundation?

  1. Join us! 
  2. Share it!
  3. You can give
  4. Offer your services Apply as a voluntier

¿Do you want give?

How many you want! RD$10, RD$50, RD$100, RD$500, RD$2,000, it will be happily receive. You can do it by:

1- Bank/deposit transfer

#12206180016 en el Banco BHD

2- Paypal (Using the button above)
Hacia la cuenta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2- Only in Switzerland
Associazione “Scuola Villa Altagracia” Rep. Dominicana
CP 106 – 6535 Roveredo GR
Tel. 079 3374688 – Fax. 091 8203059
C.C. N° 0625-871923-51 c/o Credit Suisse
CH-6535 Roveredo GR

Other way to help (Only in the Dominican Republic)

Do you have anything in good condition you can give? We receive it!, we will ensure it will arrive to those who really need it.

Yes! i have some things to give!

Support us!

For obtain more information, or help us financially, please write us to:
Associazione Scuola Villa Altagracia Rep.Dominicana
Giacomo Galimberti
CP 106
CH-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
Tel.No. 0041 79 337 46 88/ Fax 0041 91 820 30 59
Cc.Bancario c/o Credit Suisse, ch-6535 Roveredo / Gr.
113AN N°: CH75 0483 5087 1923 5100 0

Account in Dominican Republic BHD #12206180016

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