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As an activity that we can define normal for our foundation, we must remember that at the beginning of each school year we try to provide uniforms (whic is mandatory) shoes and school supplies at least to the poorest of the students who attend our school.

Every year in January, is also organised a medical day. This is a medical tour for the children to control especially teeth, testing of blood and possibly parasites. This year we are in fact a lot of issues from anemia and parasites. The volunteers medical staff that performs free day is made ​​up of a dozen of medical students and three or four general practitioners and they also provide free medicines.


Details of the cause

Santo Constanza, single parent with 5 children, has many economic problems facing monthly headache of paying rent of the house where he was. The foundation has bought a house. The act of buying the house is for a period of 10 years is also the name of the Foundation to avoid selling or renting etc. Because part of the 5 children.

Details of the cause

The child Dionis Martines 13 years old and lives in Villa Nueva Navarrete with her father Esteben Bolivar Martinez is 44 and her mother Concierge Nicolasa de La Rosa Cuevas is a housewife. The child has a condition which needed a Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK) because the child was blind practimamente. His father, a month produces about RD $ 5,000 to approximately U.S. $ 121, which is not enough to support a family on minimum conditions, but in spite of his poverty kept a very positive attitude.


Details of the cause

After finding a construction of bamboo and tin roof full of holes that housed 24 students from different courses and one teacher decided to find the funds to realize our dream. Galimberti Giacomo headed to our fellow citizens in Switzerland formed an association called raising funds from many people interested in helping us fulfill this dream. With great surprise we received funds from different people including people who never visited the DR and most do not even know where is the community of Villa Altagracia Blade Dairy and place that is the school's Juliana. It also received support from the community and around two years completed a 3-classroom school roof specifically to serve as a refuge for the community in case of disasters.

The Los Pinos Foundation reports that on Saturday, October 13, 2018, the boy Yonangel Colon Garcia died, after a hard battle against his illness, God arranged his departure.


Our most sincere condolences to your parents and family, as well as to all those people who in one way or another collaborated during your illness.


Rest in peace.


Yonangel was born without the anus (colostomy), he had recently undergone surgery, which was a success, but in the process of recovery he acquired an infection.

This case was about a 14 year old boy suffering from a severe form of leukemia to the spinal cord and urgently needed a bone marrow transplant.

Despite the efforts that we made at the Children's Hospital of Santo Domingo and in spite of that we have also solicited the intervention of Prof. Franco Cavalli, who has very kindly making ​​available to a few specialized hospitals in the United States, unfortunately, there was nothing more to do and the boy died.

Probably the boy could be saved if there have been a earlier intervention.

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